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Safe & Humane Wildlife Removal & Pest Control in Toronto, ON

Every major city in the world would have it’s pest problems and companies that try to deal with the demand. Toronto is no different, in fact we are the raccoon capital of the world. We have more raccoons per square kilometer than anywhere else. Let’s not forget about rats. In the past few years the population of rats in Toronto downtown has increased 30% according to CityNews. The influx of people moving to the city, the housing bubble, and active housing development industry is leaving less room for critters to live and roam around. The demand for wildlife removal and pest control services in GTA has never been so high. We have recognized this need and now offering a range of services to meet this demand.

360 Wildlife Control is proud to provide humane wildlife removal & professional pest control service to Toronto and GTA homeowners and businesses. Our wildlife removal service includes Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal, Skunk Removal, Opossum Removal, Groundhog Removal, Bat Removal, and Bird Removal.  Other Pest control service includes Mice RemovalRat Removal, Wasp Control, and Hornet Control. We wanted to create a feasible solution to Toronto’s massive wildlife issue and our famous bandit “the Raccoon” was the focus of our attention. We started by educating the public on ways to wildlife proof properties and find peaceful ways to live with the animals rather finding ways to eradicate their population. This is a two step process. First step is to remove the unwanted animal through humane one way door system and second step after removal is to make sure it cannot get back in by protecting weak spots such as roof vents.

Wildlife Removal Services

It takes a real animal removal expert to eradicate your home of a nuisance wildlife. Extensive amount of experience and knowledge in animal biology and behaviour is required to ensure a successful and safe wildlife removal. Within 24 hours of your call, one of our skilled technicians will arrive at your property anywhere within Toronto, GTA area. Upon arrival, our technician performs a comprehensive inspection of your roof and attic to identify the species, entry hole, and the best plan of action. With 360 Wildlife Control, you get the convenience of fast wildlife removal with the assurance that no animal will be harmed in the process. The next step after the wildlife removal is to make sure they cannot get back in from other vulnerable, weak spots by protecting them with screening.

Pest Control Services

We are equipped to efficiently and quickly handle any pest problems. Whether it’s a group of wasps nesting right by your front door or simply an overpopulation of mice in your home or office, you can trust the expert pest control technicians at 360 to effectively eradicate the problem. All our technicians are licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and through continuous training on new and improved equipment and pest control techniques and products we guarantee high level of satisfaction from our clients.

Other Services

360 Wildlife Control is a full service wildlife removal and pest control company. This means we go above and beyond to provide our clients with extended services such as: Animal Damage Repair, Prevention & Protection work, Blown attic insulation, and dead animal removal. Thus eliminating the need to call other repairmen after we are done, and in return  saving you time and money. Call us today at 1-866-650-1811 to schedule an appointment for wildlife removal in Toronto and surrounding areas. You can also visit our contact page for more information. 

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