About 360 Wildlife Control

360 Wildlife Control Inc is a full service pest & wildlife removal company operating in the Greater Toronto Area. We are also the main supplier of wildlife control products such as R108 [Raccoon one way door], S33 [Squirrel one way door], and S77 [Skunk one way door] to Pest Control Distributors, Wildlife Control Operators, and the general public in Ontario, and across Canada.

Through the years we have perfected our guaranteed removal method by giving 100% while inspecting your property, also by using top quality products, and superior installation methods. The combination of the three and our expertise in animal biology and behaviour, gives us an edge when coming up with our innovative eviction solutions. Our compassion towards wildlife and obsessive “can do” attitude has enabled us to become a respected wildlife removal company in Toronto, ON and surrounding areas. Read what our happy clients have to say about us – 360 Wildlife Control Reviews.

Best Guarantee

Put our 5 Year Ultimate Protection Guarantee to the test! We are the 1st company in Canada to come up with such comprehensive guarantee in the Pest & Wildlife Control Industry. When you call around, you simply will not find a better guarantee for your money. We are so confident in what we do that we are willing to put our reputation on the line. Once you qualify for our 5 Year UPG, you don’t need to worry about the animals getting back in and the hefty bills that associate with animal removal. It will be covered. Call our office 1-866-650-1811 to find out more or visit our guarantee page.

Top Notch Service

With a simple phone call, we arrive at your door ready and equipped to inspect your property for signs of animal entry & damage. We will provide you with a written inspection report of all damaged & vulnerable areas. Generally depending on the problem, we will provide you with a few different options such as just focusing on the problem or also doing extra preventative work for those homeowners that want to protect their biggest investment. No matter which option you choose, we will be there to answer all your questions, remove the unwanted critters and guarantee the work that has been done. For list of our services, click here.

Shop Online

Looking for high quality wildlife control products right here in the GTA? Come visit our store 399 Four Valley Dr, Unit 26 in Vaughan for all  your DIY wildlife removal needs. Not from Toronto? No worries. Visit our online shop anytime from anywhere. WE SHIP ACROSS CANADA.



100% Guaranteed

360 Wildlife Control provides 2 years guarantee on all removal jobs. Our heavy gauge steel screening which we use to block entry points lasts up to 15 years.

Quick Response

Call before 10am and we will show up the same day. Sometimes we show up 1 hour from your call.

Excellent Customer Service

Existing client? We will respond within 24hr to most emergency problems.

Join our satisfied clients

Don’t let critters destroy your biggest investment. GET THEM OUT NOW! Have our professional technician eradicate  your problem for good. We will remove any pest, fix any damange, and guarantee all the work that has been done.

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