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We guarantee all work done for 2 years. Our galvanized steel mesh lasts up to 15 years.

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We at 360 Wildlife Control are so confident in our innovative removal methods that we have created a revolutionary guarantee called 5 Year Ultimate Protection Guarantee. This guarantee is for detached residential homes that qualify. For everyone else, we provide our basic 2 years guarantee.

2 Year Basic Guarantee

All work done & areas sealed will be guaranteed for 2 years. If an animal gets back in from the protected area, we will remove it at no extra charge. Animal damage repair is not part of this guarantee. We use 16 gauge galvanized steel mesh to seal and secure entry points & vulnerable areas. This material does not rust and will protect against animal re-entry for up to 15 years, if not removed.

5 Year Ultimate Protection Guarantee

Wildlife proof your home in order to keep wildlife out. This has been our message to our clients from the beginning. To prove what we were preaching, we have come up with the best wildlife removal guarantee on the market. Let us help wildlife proof your home and we will guarantee, it will keep wildlife away. So much so that we are willing to guarantee your whole roof, deck, shed or porch. This guarantee stretches to areas that have not been covered by our screening. eg. the middle of the roof. After we are done securing your property, if an animal gets back in, we will remove it and repair the area at no extra charge. We are so confident in our removal & prevention system that we are willing to put our reputation & profit margins on the line.

You will not find such guarantee anywhere else until our competitors start noticing and eventually copying the idea. Call around, then contact us for the best service & guarantee on the market. At 360 Wildlife Control, we only use the highest quality material and provide 100% guarantee on all work done.

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