Humane Wildlife Removal Services in Brampton and Mississauga

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted wildlife invading your property in Brampton and Mississauga? Look no further than Brilliex Pest Control for professional and humane wildlife removal services. As the raccoon capital of the world, the Greater Toronto Area, including Brampton and Mississauga, faces a significant challenge with raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and other pests infiltrating residential and commercial properties.

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How to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are little, oval, tan-ish creepy crawlies that live on the blood of creatures or people. Grown-up bed bugs have level bodies about the span of an apple seed. In the wake of nourishing, be that as it may, their bodies swell and are a rosy shading. Bed bugs don’t fly, however, they can move rapidly over floors, dividers,

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Squirrel Removal from Side Vent

  Exhaust Vents on the side of the house are a common place for squirrels to get in. They can easily chew the plastic cover and nest inside. If you have noticed the vent flaps have been chewed, or removed, it’s a good chance that you have squirrels getting in. In most cases you can hear the squirrels coming in

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