Effective Squirrel Removal Techniques – A Humane Approach

Scampering, scratching, and squeaking above your ceiling means you have unwanted guests in your attics. Generally, squirrels hunt for places to store their food and a warm attic is just the right place. Squirrels find entrances in your house through crevices and chimneys and they will cause damage and destruction to your property. These cute little creatures can create havoc and accidents in your life if they chew the electric wires or PVC plumbing lines, so their removal must be commenced without further delay.

Many people often use traps to catch squirrels and relocate them and make the gravest mistake because this will not eradicate the problem as these will find their way back into your cozy home. So, the point of entries like the chimneys or crevices must be sealed to effectively remove them from your premises. Some people even poison or kill them but this is an inhumane approach. The best squirrel removal method is to use a one way door (S33-Squirrel Excluder Door).

However, there are certain humane and effective squirrel removal techniques, which you can adopt like:

  1. Repellent: Repellents work best with female squirrels because they always look for a safe habitat for their litters. Thus any noise like music from a radio or any other high-pitched electronic device or scent may force her to leave the place. In addition, you can use fabric soaked in ammonia solution. This strong smell is extremely unpleasant for these animals and usually will lead them to leave.
  2. Traps: two kinds of traps are available lethal and non-lethal. If you want to remove squirrels humanely then you should opt for the latter one. Just trap them and transfer them far away in the forest or leave them in the natural environment far away from your house like on the outskirts of your city. Another way of getting rid of squirrels is called the repeating live cage trap. You need to close off any entrances and exits the squirrels are using except one. As a squirrel leaves for food, it will have no choice but to walk into this trap. These kinds of traps are made to hold many squirrels at once.
  3. Roof treatment: Another way to keep squirrels at bay is by working on the roof. Avoid brightly-colored roofs that attract squirrels and block all crevices.
  4. Habanero sauce: Spraying this sauce on their areas can also deter them.

However, hiring a professional who can successfully make your house squirrel free is the recommended way. In this way, you will save a lot of time and energy. These companies will identify the entrances and seal them. Moreover, they have different methods of trapping them.

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