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Wildlife Removal & Pest Control in Markham, ON

Markham is part of the municipality of York which lies in the Greater Toronto Area with a population of 342,000. As the fourth largest community within the GTA it also has a large population of raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds and other animals that tend to invade homes. Raccoon removal Markham come in daily to our office. The damages that they cause on the roof can cost thousands of dollars in repair annually. Sometimes the damages is not to property but potentially to your pets or family members. There are diseases that associate with wildlife. Unfortunately recently the city of Markham has been experiencing an increased number of canine distemper cases in the raccoon and skunk population. For more information on the subject visit Brilliex Pest Control provides humane removal services for raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, birds, groundhogs, opossums, mice, and rats. At Brilliex Pest Control, we care deeply for animals. We do everything in our power to remove nuisance animals without scaring or harming them in any way. Our technicians study animal behaviour so they can cater their removal approach to each species they encounter. Most removals are done by using a one way door system. This device will help evict the unwanted animal without having to put any stress on it. Such humane wildlife removal method allows us to help solve our client’s problem and at the same time respect the right of animals to live and make sure our eviction methods doesn’t hurt them. One of our customers from Markham, ON had a family of raccoons and she didn’t have any access to the attic. We were able to install a raccoon one way door on the entry hole and remove the raccoons within few days.

raccoon removal in Markham

Raccoons are thriving in Markham, ON due to living side by side with humans. With no natural predators, they road the streets looking for the next best easy meal. With their population on the rise, the residence of Markham, ON have no choice to look for an alternative solution to this massive raccoon issues. Raccoon removal calls have increased during the past few years. Raccoons are destructive animals that damage peoples roofs, garages, decks, sheds and chimneys. They often look for a warm and dry place to nest and have their babies (Mar-Jul). If you have a raccoon living in the attic, call our raccoon removal experts today. We start with a full inspection of your property; roof and attic. Once we locate the entry hole, a R108 raccoon one way door will be installed. We then protect the damaged area with heavy gauge screening to stop them from re-entering. During baby season, it is essential to check for babies. raccoon babies must be removed physically and placed in an incubator (baby box) outside by the hole. This allows the mother raccoon to reunite with her babies and relocate them to a secondary already established den site. This method is very important to ensure a safe and effective removal.

Raccoon Removal

Squirrel Removal

squirrel removal in Markham

Squirrels are part of the rodent family. They tend to look for dark, dry and warm nesting sites such as people’s attics, garages, and chimneys. They usually get in by chewing and damaging an area on the roof such as the roof vent or roof line. Once inside they collect nesting material, chew wiring, displace insulation, defecate and urinate. If not removed within a short period, they could start damaging your house. For guaranteed squirrel removal service in Markham, ON call Brilliex Pest Control today. We start with a full inspection of your property. Once we locate the squirrel entry point, we will evict them by using a S33 squirrel one way door. The damaged area will be covered by heavy gauge screening to stop them from getting back in. During baby season (May-Aug) babies need to be removed physically and placed in an incubator outside by the hole. This allows mother squirrel to relocate her babies to a secondary den. We are experience in humane and successful squirrel removal in Markham and guarantee all our work 100%.

Ant Control – Get rid of ants for good

Ants maybe the No.1 pest in homes and businesses in Markham. You might be able to stop a small infestation but in most cases you will need a professional ant exterminator to eliminate the ant infestation. Ants are attracted to food we leave behind/unattended, such as bread crumbs, juice spills, pet foods and much more.

At Brilliex Pest Control we focus on the root of the ant infestation. After a comprehensive inspection, our experienced technicians will come up with the best plan of action. We use Ministry Of Environment approved products that are tough on the ants but gentle on the environment. If you need a quote for ant removal Markham, call our office today for an estimate.

Bed Bug Extermination – Get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are spreading out of control in Markham and other cities in Ontario. Reports of bed bug infestations in apartments, social housing, public transportation vehicles, and businesses are increasing daily and can be found all over the news.

Bed bugs often spread by hitchhiking on clothes, luggage, furniture, etc. They can multiply quickly in the right conditions. A female can lay 200-400 eggs during her lifetime. A bed bug infestation must be dealt with quickly before it gets out of hand. Brilliex Pest Control’s bed bug treatment can get rid of the bed bugs quickly and safely. We will treat your home or business with Ministry of Environment approved products to knock out the bed bugs. Our Markham bed bug treatment & extermination service is 100% guaranteed. Call our office for more details.

Cockroach Control – Get rid of roaches

Cockroaches are one of the toughest insects in the world. It’s predicted that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion. They can survive even without their head, only dying due to starvation. Unfortunately Markham is no stranger to cockroaches. They thrive in dark, damp environments. Cockroach infestation in Markham has increased in the past decade due to increase in population. Few of the most common cockroach species in Markham are American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and German cockroach.

How do you get rid of a cockroach infestation in Markham? Good news is that Brilliex Pest Control has the experience and products to successfully treat any cockroach infestation quickly. After a quick inspection, our experienced cockroach exterminator will come up with the best plan of action. We only use chemicals if absolutely necessary. Every situation calls for a tailored plan of action. Call us today and we will guarantee cockroaches are gone tomorrow.

Wasp Removal – Get rid of wasps/hornets/bees

Wasps are very aggressive and can create a dangerous situation when they nest too close to humans. Some people are allergic to wasp/hornet/bee sting and will need medical attention if stung. It’s a liability to have them around your home or business for obvious reasons. Brilliex’s wasp removal Markham team can guarantee safe and quick solution. We will remove unwanted wasps/hornets/bees and guarantee the work for 90 days. Call our office for more information on Markham wasp removal and lowest quote in the market.

Rodent Removal – Get rid of mice and rats

Mice and rat infestations are very common in Markham. Mice have thrived around humans for centuries. We provide them with shelter, food and water. They live among us in attics, basements, crawlspaces, etc. The problem with mice and rats is that they carry and spread diseases to humans such as hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, and lassa fever.

Most people think setting up few traps will solve their mice infestation. Unfortunately in most cases you need to tackle the roof of the problem and many different products are used to achieve this. Rodenticide available in hardware stores are labeled for “Domestic” us which is not strong enough. Brilliex Pest Control only uses “Commercial” MOE approved products. Call us for mice removal in Markham and get rid of your problem for good.

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Other pest & wildlife control Services

Brilliex Pest Control is full service pest & wildlife control company , proudly serving Markham, Ontario. We use humane methods to remove unwanted critters and guarantee all our work. For all your raccoon removal, squirrel removal needs, call our office today. We specialize in the following services:

Raccoon Removal | Squirrel Removal | Skunk Removal | Groundhog Removal | Opossum Removal | Bat Removal | Bird Removal | Mice Control | Rat Control | Ant Control | Bed Bug Extermination | Cockroach Extermination | Spider Control | Wasp Control | Hornet Control | Dead Animal Removal | Blown Insulation Services

Injured & orphaned animals

Got an injured or orphaned animal?

  • If you have found an injured animal, contact City of Markham.
  • If you have an orphaned animal, contact a rehabilitation organization such as Procyon or Toronto Wildlife Centre.


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