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Wildlife Removal & Pest Control in Oakville, on

Oakville is a suburban town in Southern Ontario, Canada. Located in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario, it is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Believe it or not, Oakville’s first industries included ship building, timber shipment, and wheat farming. Now Oakville has close to 200,000 people calling it home. The problem for most residence is that raccoons, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs, opossums, bats, birds, mice and rats also call Oakville home! Just like most populated urban cities, pest control & wildlife removal companies are in high demand. If you have raccoons in your attic or squirrels in your soffits, have a professional team like Brilliex Pest Control solve your critter problems. We use innovative methods to humanely remove unwanted critters and seal and secure the entry hole to ensure a pest free environment for our clients. Call us if you have a problem with mice. We will put you on our rodent control program and help you get the infestation under control. Got bats in your attic? we can inspect your property and get all bats out. No matter the issue, Brilliex Pest Control can help.

Raccoon removal in Oakville

Oakville residence who have raccoons should read about raccoon roundworms. Its best to get the raccoons out before they cause major problems for you and your family. Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They get active at night, roaming in city streets looking for food. During the day, they tend to rest in their den. They like to nest in dark, warm, and dry places such as your attic. They damage roof vents, roof pipes, roof lines, soffits, and chimney caps. Once inside, they displace insulation, chew wiring, urinate and defecate. When you call our office for raccoon removal in Oakville, ON we will show up within 24 hrs. Our friendly & experienced technician will start with a full inspection of your property. When the entry hole is located, a R108 raccoon one way door will be installed directly on the entry point. This device will allow the raccoon(s) to easily exit and not be able to get back in. We will protect and secure the damaged area with heavy gauge screening to stop future re-entry attempts. Tired of animals getting in your attic from different location on your roof? Ask us about wildlife proofing your property 1-800-895-9226.

If you suspect a raccoon infestation in your Oakville residence, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly to safeguard your property and family. Raccoons not only pose a threat through physical damage to your home’s structure and wiring but also carry the risk of spreading diseases such as raccoon roundworms. Our efficient and reliable raccoon removal service in Oakville, ON ensures a swift response to your call, with our experienced technicians conducting a thorough inspection of your property within 24 hours. Using advanced techniques such as the R108 raccoon one-way door and heavy gauge screening, we not only remove the raccoons humanely but also prevent future re-entry, offering you lasting peace of mind. If you’re tired of dealing with wildlife intrusion into your attic, inquire about our wildlife proofing services to safeguard your property from any potential entry points.

Raccoon removal

Squirrel removal

Squirrel removal in Oakville

Squirrels are every where in Oakville, ON. If you drive a vehicle, there probably has been few times when a squirrel just jumps in front of your car in an attempt to cross the road. Most of our clients in Oakville hear scratching and running sounds coming from their attic when they have a squirrel infestation. They will chew and damage an area on your roof to get inside the attic. Common areas for squirrels to chew are roof vents, roof pipes, roof lines, and soffits. Once inside, they will chew wiring, displace insulation, defecate and urinate. Its best to have a professional squirrel removal company remove them asap. When you book an appointment with Brilliex Pest Control, our technicians will show up within 24 hours. We start with a full inspection of your property. Once we find the entry hole we will remove the squirrels by using a S33 squirrel one way door. This device will be installed over the entry hole and will easily allow the squirrels to exit one by one and not be able to return. We will also secure the damaged area with heavy gauge steel mesh, guarantying a successful squirrel eviction. Call our squirrel removal experts in Oakville, ON today and live pest free.

Rodent Removal – Get rid of mice and rats

Mice and rat infestations are very common in Oakville. Mice have thrived around humans for centuries. We provide them with shelter, food and water. They live among us in attics, basements, crawlspaces, etc. The problem with mice and rats is that they carry and spread diseases to humans such as hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, and lassa fever.

Most people think setting up few traps will solve their mice infestation. Unfortunately in most cases you need to tackle the roof of the problem and many different products are used to achieve this. Rodenticide available in hardware stores are labeled for “Domestic” us which is not strong enough. Brilliex Pest Control only uses “Commercial” MOE approved products. Call us for mice removal in Oakville and get rid of your problem for good.

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Other pest & wildlife control services

Brilliex Pest Control is full service pest & wildlife control company , proudly serving Oakville, Ontario. We use humane methods to remove unwanted critters and guarantee all our work. For all your raccoon removal, squirrel removal needs, call our office today. We specialize in the following services:

Raccoon Removal | Squirrel Removal | Skunk Removal | Groundhog Removal | Opossum Removal | Bat Removal | Bird Removal | Mice Control | Rat Control | Ant Control | Bed Bug Extermination | Cockroach Extermination | Spider Control | Wasp Control | Hornet Control | Dead Animal Removal | Blown Insulation Services

Injured & orphaned animals

Got an injured or orphaned animal?

  • If you have found an injured animal, contact City of Oakville.
  • If you have an orphaned animal, contact a rehabilitation organization such as Procyon or Toronto Wildlife Centre.


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