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Cockroach extermination Toronto is simply getting rid of cockroaches completely from homes, offices or surroundings with the aid of cockroach control. Cockroach extermination can sometimes be critical depending on the species of cockroach present in that surrounding, most times cockroaches in homes cannot be evaded no matter how you try to prevent it somehow catches up with you while carrying diseases and infections around surfaces. Cockroaches are easily attracted to moisture such as leaky pipe, warmth, and food such as leftover food around the house, dirty dishes, food crumbs and the likes. Cockroaches carry a bacteria known as the Pseudomonas aeruginosa which they transfer to humans and also a salmonella bacteria which is spread across different areas and the bacteria causes diseases like food poisoning, typhoid and sometimes even allergic reactions. This insect can also leave tiny parts of their body that settles in dust contributing to the cause of asthma or some other breathing problems. The bacteria carried by the cockroach effects human in several ways and that is why cockroach extermination is required to be carried out in every home.

Types of Cockroaches

There are over 4500 types of cockroaches but out of these numerous types just very few of about 70 different types can be found in the US. Although the numbers of different types of cockroaches are reduced to about six or seven types each depending on the state you reside. All cockroaches might look the same to you but you should learn to know how to tell the differences between the common types of cockroaches present in your house because this will help you in selecting an active cockroach control to curb the roaches’ infestation.

You must be very sure you are dealing with cockroaches because sometimes some type of roaches might look like beetle or grasshopper or even cricket. The two most common roaches that could be present in your home is either a brown-banded cockroach or a German cockroach. The German cockroach is the very common one found in America and they have high capacity when it comes to breeding. Once a female German roach gets into your home it could reproduce about 30,000 cockroaches in a year or even more this could result in making cockroach extermination quite hard to accomplish, each German roach egg can produce between 20-40 roaches when it hatch and in turn making it really difficult to get rid of roaches when they invade your home.

The brown-banded roaches and German roaches could be present in your home together but won’t reside in the same place around your home because brown-banded cockroaches prefer warmer and dry areas. Other types of cockroaches include smoky brown cockroaches, American cockroaches, and oriental cockroaches and so on. There are several types of cockroaches generally but we are picking on the most common types most found in your homes, offices or surroundings.

Cockroach life cycle


The life cycle of a cockroach depends solely on the type of cockroach. The life cycle starts with an egg engulfed in a capsule called the oothecae, cockroaches experience different stages of development in its life cycle and these stages are called instars as the roaches mature into an adult cockroach. An egg is produced between three to seven days after mating, each oothecae contains about 15 embryos or more, the female roach carries the egg case on the tip of her abdomen for days before dropping it in a hidden location after the female puts its saliva around it to make the eggs adapts to its new location.


The next stage is called the nymph that is an immature cockroach and this emerges between 24 to 38 days, as the nymph keeps growing it experiences a metamorphosis and this is done the shedding of the exoskeleton. This shedding occurs takes place between 10 to 13 times before they become a complete adult.


This is the final stage, at the adult stage the cockroach is fully grown with wings and are already capable of reproduction, the adulthood period is between six months to a year. The lifespan of a cockroach is based on the environment and other conditions. A favourable condition fosters fast growth in the cockroach. Adult cockroach and nymphs can contaminate food directly or through the use of utensils.

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general Facts about cockroaches

There are some general facts about cockroaches which include:

  • Cockroach are capable of running up to three miles in an hour that they spread germ and bacteria very fast more reason cockroach control measures must be carried out properly and fast.
  • A newly born cockroach can run as fast as an adult cockroach
  • Cockroaches are said to have originated for over 280 million years ago
  • Since cockroaches are cold-blooded insect they can live without food for a month but can only survive a week without water.
  • American cockroach are said to have a mild attraction to alcoholic beverages
  • A cockroach can hold its breath for about 40 minutes and can be survived under water for close to 30 minutes.

preventative measures to cockroaches

  • Fix any water leaks in the house
  • Regularly cleaning of your home and surroundings
  • Close up cracks in the wall and seal up holes
  • Make your home as spacious as possible
  • Disinfect regularly

All this being said, our company 360 Wildlife Control Inc. provides professional pest control service in Toronto and GTA for both homeowners and businesses. With our equipped pest control technicians, you should be assured that the roaches in your home will be fully eradicated in no time and fast. All technicians that work at our company licensed by the ministry of natural resources and through constant training on new and improved equipment and techniques, a high level of satisfaction is guaranteed. For cockroach extermination to be carried out effectively, a good pest control measures or equipment are to be used and you can get this quality at our company, we offer one of the best pest control services in Toronto and GTA leaving you 100 percent satisfied with our service.

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