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Urban populated cities such as Toronto GTA are a great place for rats to survive and thrive. Rats are generally nocturnal and like to avoid contact with humans. In Toronto most homeowners have had an increase in rat infestations. 360 Pest Control & Wildlife Removal mainly deals with norway rats and roof rats.

Norway Rats

Norway rats also known as sewer rats tend to be larger and more aggressive than the roof rats. They tend to nest in basement portion of structures but they also live in buildings, farms and fields. There are cases that norway rats have attacked humans and pets. They carry diseases such as bubonic plague. They chew wirings which cause fire, eat and urinate on stored food, and create a real health hazard to humans.

Roof Rats

Roof rats as their name suggests like to be in high point of structures such as the roof. Also called black rats, they are typically smaller than norway rats but cause the same sort of issues for humans. They are nocturnal animals and like to forage for food in groups of up to ten. They often return to the same food source and can remember complicated routes from their nest to different food sources.

Quick facts about Rats

  • Rats are compassionate and social animals and often care for their sick and injured.
  • Rats have great memory and will never forget a learned route.
  • Rats can go without water longer than a camel can.
  • Rats use their tail to communicate, regulate their temperature and balance their body.

look for signs of rat activity

Inspect your property for signs of rat including droppings, gnaw marks, holes, etc.)

make sure your property doesn’t invite rodents

  • Use garbage bins that have tight fitting lids to keep rodents out.
  • Remove any debris around the house such as wood piles and furniture.
  • Eliminate any source of food such as pet food, seeds and fallen fruits.
  • Fix broken and/or chewed garage doors.

stop rats from getting inside your home

  • Identify any entry points around your home (any hole or gap bigger than a quarter)
  • Seal and secure any hole or openings with heavy gauge screening.

At 360 Wildlife Control our technicians are licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources to handle rodenticides. We always use the highest quality products to solve our client’s rat problems. Give us a call 1-866-650-1811 for free consultation over the phone.

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