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Spider control is an incentive towards how to prevent spider appearance in homes and surroundings and how to get rid of spiders using pest control measures. A lot of spider species are common in Canada. Generally, spiders are arachnids and can be easily differentiated from other insects since it has eight legs with no wings or antenna. Spiders can be found humid or moist areas for some species while other types of spiders might be found in warm places. Spiders are mostly in dark places or between cracks so as to be able to make the material to build their webs. Spiders sometimes are said to be beneficial due to the fact that other types of insects are considered prey to spiders so some people might not take up spider control.

Types of Spiders

There are several types of spiders, although most types of spiders that can be found in Canada are not dangerous or harmful to humans. Some of the common types of spiders are;

Brown Recluse Spiders

This type of spider is light brown in colour with a dark brown marking at its back. This species of spiders are found outdoors or in woodpiles, they are sometimes found under furniture or in enclosed areas such as within closets. This species of spider bites and it’s often painful and creates an open sore that requires medical attention or treatment. Brown recluse spiders name originated from their reclusive and colouration habits.

Black Widow Spiders

This species of spiders are black as the name implies and always shining. This particular species is found everywhere in the US. They can be found inside firewood or in the woodpile and also in secluded areas such as inside boxes where they can reside far from disturbance. This spider spins its web really close to the ground when it bites human they experience symptoms such as fever, nausea, high blood pressure, and constant sweating.

Common House Spiders

This type of spiders are yellowish-brown in colour with a stretched out abdomen. This type of spiders are found worldwide, can be found at basement, garage, crawl spaces and inside the closet. They spin their webs around windows mostly close to light sources to attract prey. This species post no threat to people.

Jumping Spiders

This type has short legs are of compact shape mostly black in colour with pale linings. They are found everywhere in the United States. Jumping spiders bites are not poisonous in nature.

Long-bodied Cellar Spiders

Pale-yellow in colour with a small body and long skinny legs. This particular spider type has about 20 different species, mostly found in dump or dark areas such as a basement. These species do not bite therefore are not harmful to human.

Wolf Spiders

These spiders are dark-brown with a hairy body and long spiny legs. They are mostly found close to the floor level. This spiders also bites but it very rare unless if provoked. These spiders do not haunt with the web.

Although there are other species of spiders apart from the ones listed above such as lace web spiders, cardinal spider, giant house spiders, and the likes.

Spider life cycle

These are the stages and changes experienced by a spider from the time of birth to adulthood. During this life, cycle spider revolves from an egg into a full grown adult spider.

Spider egg – Spiderlings – Adulthood

Spider Egg: This is the first stage of the spider’s lifecycle. This occurs after mating the female spider then stores the male spider sperm until it is ready to produce eggs. The egg is stored in an egg sack where the female spider fertilizes the egg as it emerges. This egg sac is protected by the female spider until it hatches, some spider species might leave the egg in a safe place to its own fate till it hatches while some spiders carry the egg sac with them and bite the egg sac when it is ready to hatch.

Spiderlings: This is the immature stage of the spider. At this stage, they look just like the parent spider but quite smaller because the just hatched from the egg. When they get out they disperse immediately while some are said to be ballooning. In some species female spider mature slowly compared to male spiders.

Adulthood: when the spider reaches this stage it is said to be fully grown therefore can mate and the life cycle begins all over again.

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how to prevent spiders

Generally, spiders can be prevented by doing the following:

  • Emptying the bin: Bin seems to be a place where spiders reside so it is paramount to clear the bin to prevent the appearance of spiders.
  • Get a cat: having a cat can help prevent the appearance of spiders
  • Put off outdoor lights: outdoor lights attract insects thereby also attracting spiders, putting it off can prevent the presence of spiders
  • Lemon peel: spiders detest citrus, therefore, having lemon peel around can help keep spiders away.
  • Clean up: cleaning up surroundings can also help prevent the presence of spiders
  • Clean up gardens
  • Get rid of old drink vessels
  • Keep pet food covered

Wash fruits before keeping since this attracts insects

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