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Are you dealing with wasps or other pests in Toronto? It’s time to eradicate this problem and return your home or business to the peaceful place you want it to be!

It is extremely annoying for both home and business owners in Toronto to be faced with nuisance-causing insects like bees, hornets, and wasps, especially during the summer months. Although these creatures are beneficial to various industries, they can pose some serious problems for human beings. Wasps routinely build large nests, contribute to a huge amount of paranoia, and often scare those passing by.

The good news is you don’t have to live another day with wasps in your home or business if you call Brilliex Pest Control today!

Brilliex Pest Solution

Our trained experts, from the area of Toronto, will skillfully rid your premises of wasps and other unwanted lingering pests. We work diligently at all times to ensure the safe, largely non-toxic removal of Wasps, Hornets and Bees from your home or commercial building.

Wasp control in Toronto

For many home and business owners in Toronto, wasp nest removal is imperative for the peace of mind that their families, clients, and customers are safe. These pest insects pose the largest threat to children, who may be unaware of the danger associated with direct confrontation. Moreover, an elderly demographic may be more susceptible to the harmful effects of these insects.

In Toronto, wasp control is especially important during the warmer months when both wasp and hornet stings are quite frequent and can cause significant pain. A very small percentage of individuals that are stung by these insects develop widespread symptoms known as large local reactions — this causes a great deal of pain and discomfort. That’s why the best way to prevent such an occurrence is to entirely avoid these pests.

Canadian Wasps

In Toronto, wasp control services are typically used to remove bald-faced hornets (actually a wasp), yellowjackets, and paper wasps. There are some species of European wasps that have been introduced to Canada as well.

Yellowjackets: ​These predatory wasps are often confused with bees because of their size. They tend to sting repeatedly with their lance-like stingers.

Bald-faced hornets: ​These wasps are similar in appearance to yellowjacket wasps. Their nests are similar in shape and colour to the nests of other wasps, but they are enclosed rather than open. These wasps tend to be more white than yellow in colour, and males have additional white bands on their torsos.

Paper wasps: ​Also referred to as umbrella wasps because of the design of their nests, paper wasps tend to be less aggressive than other common wasp species. Typically, they only attack and sting if their territory is threatened. Their stings are incredibly painful. Like most other wasps, they primarily feed on nectar but also eat other insects like caterpillars and flies.

Facts about wasps

  • Most wasps have difficulty flying once temperatures dip below 10 C which is why we see more of them in the summer
  • Wasps can be found everywhere on earth except Antarctica
  • Wasps use bark and paper to form their nests which they will usually build in basements or other cool, dark places
  • Each spring, a queen starts a new colony which can grow to more than 50,000 wasps in one season
  • A male wasp is called a drone. Once it mates with the queen, it dies shortly after
  • Wasps follow a caste order of queens, drones, and workers

Wasps are incredibly useful for controlling other pests from destroying crops

Preventing wasps from building nests in your home

Although wasps can serve important purposes, most of us want to keep them away from our homes and businesses. Here are some tips to help prevent wasps from nesting near you:

    • Hang a fake nest near your home. Because wasps are territorial, they aren’t likely to build a new nest near an already existing nest.
    • Food is the primary attractant for wasps. Remove any food or beverages from in and around your home that are open or spilled as quickly as possible. It’s also important to ensure your garbage cans are properly sealed.
    • Keep in mind, nectar and bird feed on your property may attract wasps as well as the birds you had intended to draw in.
    • Repair any holes or gaps in and around your home where wasps could work their way in.
    • Choose plants that naturally repel wasps. These include spearmint, thyme, citronella, eucalyptus, and wormwood. Certain oils, like peppermint and lemongrass, can also repel wasps.

Brilliex Pest Solutions

You deserve a pest-free home and we work hard to make sure that’s what you get. Our team is highly trained in wasp control in Toronto and will skillfully rid your premises of wasps and other unwanted lingering pests. We work diligently at all times to ensure the safe, and largely non-toxic removal of wasps, hornets, and bees from your home or commercial building.

If you suspect you’re in need of wasp control in Toronto or wasp nest removal, call Brilliex Pest Control today at 1-866-650-1811 so we can get started.

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