Ever wonder why raccoons tear a hole on the roof to get inside your attic? Attics are dry, dark, and warm; thus the perfect den site for raccoons. It is often easily accessibleracvent and rent free. Well, how do you know if you have raccoons in your attic? Sometimes it could be tricky to tell but in most cases it is pretty obvious. Most our clients say “it sounds like someone is moving furniture up there” and that is pretty close to the real deal. You would often hear heavy slow movement and scratching noises. Raccoons don’t travel fast in the attic so if you hear loud scurrying/running noises, you probably have squirrels. Click here for more information on squirrel removal. So let’s say you don’t hear any noises, that doesn’t mean that they’re not there. A visual inspection around your property often reveals evidence of raccoon intrusion. You could see insulation, shingles, and roof vent caps on the ground or an actual damage on the roof. Insulation doesn’t usually fly out of your attic on its own, nor the roof vents. Your neighbours can also be a good source of information. Some of our client’s neighbours have told them about the raccoons getting in and that’s how they found out.

I’ve got raccoons in my attic, what are my options?
You have few options. The best decision is to call a professional GTA or Toronto raccoon removal company to humanely & effectively get the raccoons out before they make more damages. Not all wildlife control companies are the same so it’s best to do your research before making an appointment. Average basic cost of raccoon removal in GTA is between $250-$400. If you cannot spend the money you could try the second option.
The second option is to try removing them yourself. You would need a ladder and some basic tools like a drill. I would recommend to buy a heavy gauge steel mesh sheet for covering the hole. When you have all your supplies, wait untill dark. Raccoons are nocturnal and have to forage for food at night. When they leave the attic through the entry hole, simply seal the hole with the heavy gauge screening you have purchased earlier. This would solve your problem. If you hear more nioses after you have sealed the hole, there is still at least one left in there. Remove the screening to allow the last of them to leave and close it back up again. Do not block an animal inside the attic. It will only make your situation worse.

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