Ever planned a nice BBQ event only to later cancel because of a vicious raccoon living underneath your deck? Well it happens more than you think.

There are hundreds of kids not being able to play in the backyard because of a nuisance raccoon. That’s when we come to the rescue. With years of Toronto raccoon removal experience we guarantee to bring baRaccoon removal from under deck 1ck the peace and tranquility to your life.

How do I know if there’s a raccoon living under my deck?
Usually raccoons will dig a hole the size of a small melon to get in. If you see evidence of digging, you definitely have some activity. They can also damage lattices so a broken peace is a good indication. Look for evidence of fur on the edges of the lattice. It doesn’t take much to realize there’s something living under your deck.
How can I get it out?

You can try few methods of eviction. Always keep Raccoon removal from under deck 2your distance from the raccoon and never corner them. Raccoons are vicious and can attack you. Alright, let’s move on to the eviction methods. Depending on the size and design of your deck you can usually hose down the raccoon with water. It will run out if you are persistent. Another method is to jump on top of your deck and make lots of noises, inexperienced raccoons will just give up
the den and run out. It the above options don’t pan out you can use a long stick (painting pole) to persuade the raccoon to get out by just gently pushing against their back. Few taps should convince them to move out.deck3

When you have successfully kicked out the raccoon, make sure to block their entry hole with heavy gauge screening. Remember raccoons are excellent diggers so don’t just put a piece and think they can’t get back in. You need to dig the ground about a foot and install your screening in an “L” shape and screw it to the deck. When it’s secure, put the soil back on and you are done.

Raccoon removal from under deck 3

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