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Wildlife removal and Pest Control in Scarborough, on

Wildlife removal & pest control service for commercial and residential properties are offered in Scarborough by our firm. We specialize in removal of raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, birds, opossums and groundhogs. When it comes to pest control, we are experts in extermination of ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, rats, mice, wasps and hornets. Our extermination & wildlife removal service in Scarborough is available 24 hrs/day. We are fully insured and our technicians are licenses by the Ministry of Natural Resources. With our extensive experience in pest & wildlife removal we can ensure a safe solution to your nuisance pest problems. Call our office to book an appointment today.

Raccoon removal Scarborough

Do you hear noises in your attic? Scarborough, ON has a huge raccoon problem and residence need raccoon removal service on a daily basis. Their population is increasing every year and they have no natural predators. This is a formula for disaster. Most residences demand raccoon removal in Scarborough. Raccoons are naturally destructive animals. They tend to look for a dark, dry, and warm place to nest. They make holes on people’s roofs and enter attics, garages, and chimneys. Once inside, they displace insulation, chew wiring, defecate and urinate. If not removed quickly, they can cause thousands of dollars in damages and restoration costs. At Brilliex Pest Control, we have an awesome innovative method to get rid of raccoon from Scarborough homes and businesses. We use R108 raccoon one way door to evict raccoons without coming in contact with them. This humane device, allows all raccoons to exit and not be able to return. We also protect the damaged hole with heavy gauge screening to stop them from getting back in. Our expert raccoon removal team will fix and repair any damage caused by nuisance raccoons. Let us remove unwanted raccoons from your attic, chimney, deck and/or shed.

If you are dealing with a persistent raccoon problem in Scarborough, it’s crucial to act promptly to avoid costly damages and ensure the safety of your property. At Brilliex Pest Control, we understand the urgency of raccoon removal in Scarborough and have developed effective strategies to address this issue. Our experienced team utilizes innovative methods, such as the R108 raccoon one-way door, to safely and humanely evict raccoons from your premises. By implementing heavy gauge screening, we ensure that once the raccoons have exited, they are unable to re-enter, providing a lasting solution to your raccoon intrusion concerns. Don’t let raccoons wreak havoc on your home or business – trust Brilliex Pest Control for expert raccoon removal and restoration services in Scarborough.

Raccoon removal

Squirrel removal

Squirrel removal Scarborough

Squirrels are part of the rodent family and can be found almost everywhere in Scarborough, ON. Squirrels like to nest in dark, dry, and warm structures such as an attic. They will get in by chewing their way through roof vents, roof pipes, roof lines, and soffits. Once inside, they make extreme amount of noise, remove insulation, bring in nest material and chew wiring. If you need squirrel removal service in Scarborough call our experts today. We start with a full inspection of your property. Once we locate the entry hole, a S33 squirrel one way door will be installed to evict the squirrels. This device easily allows squirrels to exit and not be able to get back in. We also make sure the damaged area is covered with heavy gauge screening to prevent them from getting in again. During baby season (May-Aug) babies need to be removed physically and placed in an incubator outside by the hole. This allows the mother squirrel to relocate her babies to a secondary already established den site. For guaranteed squirrel removal service in Scarborough, ON call Brilliex Pest Control Today 1-800-895-9226.

Skunk Removal in Scarborough

At Brilliex Pest Control, we specialize in providing expert skunk removal services in Scarborough with a strong emphasis on humane techniques. Our dedicated approach involves a meticulous inspection of your property to identify entry points and assess the situation, followed by the careful removal of skunks and the sealing of any entry holes using heavy gauge screening to prevent future intrusions. Our methods are in line with the humane principles endorsed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, ensuring the well-being of the skunks and the satisfaction of our clients. In instances where skunks have ventured into backyards or become trapped in window wells, our professional team is equipped to handle the situation with expertise. We are well-versed in local regulations, including the restriction on relocating skunks more than 1 km, and prioritize the use of one-way doors and entry point sealing to effectively address the issue. For Scarborough residents in need of skunk-related assistance, our team is readily available to provide consultations and address any concerns.

Rodent Removal – Get rid of mice and rats

Mice and rat infestations are very common in Scarborough. Mice have thrived around humans for centuries. We provide them with shelter, food and water. They live among us in attics, basements, crawlspaces, etc. The problem with mice and rats is that they carry and spread diseases to humans such as hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, and lassa fever.

Most people think setting up few traps will solve their mice infestation. Unfortunately in most cases you need to tackle the roof of the problem and many different products are used to achieve this. Rodenticide available in hardware stores are labeled for “Domestic” us which is not strong enough. Brilliex Pest Control only uses “Commercial” MOE approved products. Call us for mice removal in Scarborough and get rid of your problem for good.

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other pest & wildlife removal services

Brilliex Pest Control is full service pest & wildlife control company, proudly serving Scarborough, Ontario. We use humane methods to remove unwanted critters and guarantee all our work. For all your raccoon removal, squirrel removal needs, call our office today. We specialize in the following services:

Raccoon Removal | Squirrel Removal | Skunk Removal | Groundhog Removal | Opossum Removal | Bat Removal | Bird Removal | Mice Control | Rat Control | Ant Control | Bed Bug Extermination | Cockroach Extermination | Spider Control | Wasp Control | Hornet Control | Dead Animal Removal | Blown Insulation Services

Injured & orphaned animals

Got an injured or orphaned animal?

  • If you have found an injured animal, contact City of Scarborough.
  • If you have an orphaned animal, contact a rehabilitation organization such as Procyon or Toronto Wildlife Centre.


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