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In Toronto, ON bats may select attics for raising their young. Bats can squeeze through very tiny spaces (as narrow as six millimeters). This is how they access many roosting areas. Gaps in the soffit is the main area where bats can enter your attic. Bats eat insects. One bat can consume hundreds of flying insects each night during the summer. They locate food by using echolocation – bats send out signals and when the echo of that signal bounces back to them, they can identify where objects are located. Owls prey on bats at night. During the day, snakes or raccoons may prey on bats while they are roosting. Bats are usually classified as a pest species in Toronto GTA, due to their habits of living in houses. The most common complaints include the following:
• Bats living in the attic
• Bats living in the chimney
• Odor due to bat droppings
• Bats swarming around building
• Loose bat stuck inside home

Our bat removal specialist will inspect your home for signs of bat entry including bat guano. Once we have located all gaps and entry points, a one way door will be installed over the main area so the bats can easily fly out in the evening and not be able to return later. Every other area with gaps needs to be secured for a successful bat exclusion. We are experts in removing bats from attics, soffits, chimneys and inside homes. Give us a call for a free consultation session over the phone 1-800-895-9226.



Bats Nesting Areas

Bats prefer to live in dark and dry places. In urban areas such as Toronto, Richmond hill, Aurora, these places often include an attic or a chimney. Bats have the ability to squeeze their bodies through narrow spaces. This ability allows them to enter buildings through small openings. Bats are drawn to areas near standing water, such as a pond or a swimming pool. Standing water attracts mosquitoes, which make up a large part of a bat’s diet.

Bat Damage/Threats

Bats are nocturnal and tend to make noise at night as they come and go from hunting. This noise can be unsettling and can even disrupt your sleep. Bats live for an average of 33 years. If bats are not removed from your property, they can form robust colonies in just a few years. Bat droppings and urine corrode wood and metal. The corrosive property makes their droppings a threat to your attic floor and walls, piping, and electrical wires. Large bat colonies can produce so much waste that the weight of the buildup can actually cause an attic floor to collapse. Bat droppings have a foul odor and can cause a lung disease in humans and pets called histoplasmosis if they are not removed promptly.

Bat Removal Services

Brilliex Pest Control provides 24 hour emergency service for bat removal in Toronto, GTA & surrounding areas. Bats often enter homes accidentally and can terrify the homeowners. When we get a call for bat removal, we show up within couple of hours to remove the bat and locate potential entry points. We will inspect the exterior of the property for signs of bat entry, and droppings. We will also inspect the attic for signs of bat activity. If you have an infestation in your attic, a one way door system will be used to remove the bats. It is essential NOT to install a one way door during baby season (Jun-Aug) and wait until young bats are mobile before attempting eviction. We also seal and secure all gaps in soffits to proof the house against re-entry.

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