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Birds are a huge nuisance to homes and business in cities like Toronto and Mississauga. Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons cause a lot of damage to buildings. In residential areas, birds like to nest in side vents, soffits, and even chimneys. They carry a lot of nesting material inside consisting of dried leaves, branches, and feathers. This will block the airflow and at times become a fire hazard. Extensive amount of bird droppings could cause a health risk to the residents, especially in the summer when it gets dry and airborne. Our bird removal service includes using bird spikes, bird netting, and screening to protect areas that birds hang around. We Make sure to clean out the nest, remove the birds and seal and secure the entry hole. During baby season, hatchlings will be placed in an incubator close to the hole to ensure their survival. After a few weeks, they will be ready to fly away.

Bird Diseases

There are usually mites, fleas, and ticks present in bird nests. People can get bitten while attempting to clean out the nest. Bird droppings also pose a serious health risk. Large amount of dropping in the summer can get airborne and if inhaled the bacteria can cause lung diseases such as meningitis. Full respiratory protection is required if you are cleaning any bird nests or droppings.

Bird Removal

Brilliex Pest Control can help you remove nuisance birds from your premises anywhere in the Toronto GTA area. We will show up for a complete inspection of your home or business and we will come up with the best plan of action that best fits your situation and budget. We specialize in bird removal, bird nest removal, bird control & exclusion, bird netting and prevention.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are great bird deterrents. They usually come in 12 inch units and have spikes that pan out about 8 inches max and stops birds from landing on desired area. They can be secured by using screws, or glue. Main areas that spikes are used can be on business signs, building edges, window edges and etc. This method of bird removal is great for small landing areas. For larger areas, netting is a great tool to use.

Bird Netting

Bird nettings are mainly 1 inch by 1 inch nylon netting that blocks birds from entering an area such as a building balcony. These nettings can last a long time and make the most sense economically for larger infested areas such as warehouse ceilings.


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