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Groundhogs are actually closely related to squirrels. It has short strong legs designed for digging. They are usually found in open pastures, woodlots and fields. In urban cities like Toronto, Groundhog’s initial damage to a property is usually to its landscape, garden and vegetables. They dig and tunnel underground and eat most crops. The main problem arises when they dig holes under the foundation of your home, or deck. The absence of soil makes the foundation unstable and catastrophic collapse is imminent. This could cost thousands of dollars in damages. In Toronto groundhog removal is a two step process. First is humane removal and second is protection against re-entry. It’s best to do so before spring and baby season. In spring, groundhogs usually give birth to 2 to 6 young in a litter. Within 2 months, these babies will be ready to move on and live their own lives, digging and burrowing holes.

Groundhog Diseases

Groundhogs can rarely get rabies but it’s a more common disease with animals such as raccoons, bats, and skunks. They might contract roundworm disease which cannot be easily transferred to your dog unless it eats the animal.

Groundhog Removal

It is illegal to kill or relocate groundhogs in Ontario and most provinces in Canada. The Ministry of Natural Resources has strict rules and regulations on humane removal which has to be obeyed by professional wildlife control companies in Toronto GTA. Our professional technicians at Brilliex Pest Control will start with a comprehensive inspection of your property, followed by the best plan of action that best fits your situation and budget. We can deal with any groundhog issues you might have at your property or farm. The most common method of groundhog removal is by trapping or using a one way door. During baby season, we make sure to remove all babies physically and reunite them with their mother. A successful and permanent removal can only be achieved by a professional wildlife control technician with years of experience and knowledge in the animal biology and behaviour. For your groundhog removal Toronto needs call our experts today.


Got an injured or orphaned baby groundhog?

  • If you have found an injured groundhog, contact Toronto Animal Services (416-338-PAWS).
  • If you have an orphaned groundhog, contact a rehabilitation organization such as Procyon or Toronto Wildlife Centre.


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