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Raccoon removal in Toronto, ON

Raccoon removal service is in high demand in Toronto, ON. Raccoons thrive well in the shadow of humans and have become a huge problem not only in Toronto GTA but across Ontario including MississaugaBramptonRichmond HillVaughanMarkhamNorth YorkScarborough & more. Their canning ability to open containers and climb houses and lack of any natural predators has helped their population explode in urban cities like Toronto. According to latest estimates over 100 raccoons live in every square kilometer area. Ask anyone living in the Greater Toronto Area, what is the number one pest? Almost all residents will say ‘raccoons’ followed by ‘rats’. Most of our wildlife removal calls in Toronto consist of raccoon removal from attics, garages and chimneys. Once settled, it is a real challenge to get rid of them and protect your property against any future damages and re-entry. We have been helping homeowners and businesses get a head in the battle with nuisance wildlife by implementing innovative solutions such as raccoon removal through one way doors and keeping them out by screening off weak areas. It is essential to seal and secure all potential entry points with screening to deter them from getting back in. Raccoon removal from attic should only be done by a professional because you would want to get rid of them quickly, successfully, with a written guarantee.

Humane Raccoon Removal Methods

In populated areas such as Greater Toronto Area, Raccoons have plenty of sources for food and shelter and few natural predators. Their prolific breeding (3-6 young born in the spring), and adaptability to human neighbourhoods, means that their numbers are steadily growing. In the urban areas, most raccoons are not even afraid of humans. We see a lot of cases in Toronto, where the homeowner tried to scare the raccoon away and was unsuccessful. We can never get rid of wildlife living by our side, we have to learn how to live with them. If you ask the experts in the pest and wildlife control industry, they will all tell you that prevention is the best solution. So if you have a problem with raccoons, squirrels, skunks or any other nuisance wildlife, or need help with raccoon removal in Toronto, call our office for a free consultation. We can help you remove the animal, secure and protect your property against re-entry, and help you maintain a pest free environment for your family. Our main goal is to provide you with fast and effective raccoon removal service without harming a single raccoon. We do this by focusing our removal methods on the animal’s behaviour and habits. This attention to detail allows us to take proper care of raccoons during and after the removal process. One of our typical raccoon removal methods start with installing a one way door over the entry hole. This device makes sure all raccoons leave with ease and not be able to get back in. After the animal has left we remove the door and secure the hole with heavy gauge screening. This protects that area against re-entry. Other methods include using a live catch trap to capture raccoons. We often use this method as the last resort, in cases where a one way door cannot be installed. Last method is physical snaring of the raccoon and removing it from premises. Our staff are trained to come up with the best plan of action to guarantee a safe and effective raccoon removal from your property.



Quick FactAbout Raccoons

Raccoons are extremely intelligent, curious animals and have the uncanny ability to open containers, cabinets and even refrigerators to access food. In fact, they can remember solutions to complex tasks up to three years later!

What they Eat?

Medium sized omnivores, Raccoons eat almost anything – from fruit, nuts and berries to frogs, insects, bird eggs and mice. Urban Raccoons also scavenge for food in dumpsters, garbage cans, and composts. Pet food left outdoors is also a favourite snack.

What type of damage do they cause?

Raccoons often damage shingles, soffits, roof vents, roof pipes, rooflines to get entry to your attic. They damage lattices to get under the deck/shed. They rip and destroy chimney covers and comfortably nest in the flue until they are removed. They cause structural damages to support beams in attics. They can chew wiring system. Their feces carry roundworms and can have extreme consequences to your health.

How about raccoon babies?

During baby season (Mar-Aug) babies have to be removed physically. A comprehensive inspection of the site is essential to determine if raccoon babies are present. Once we remove the baby raccoons from your home, the next step is to reunite them with their mother. We place them in a “baby box” near the entry hole on your roof to wait for the mother. When the mother returns she then transports her babies to a new, safe location.

Injured & Orphaned raccoons

Got an injured or orphaned baby raccoon?

  • If you have found an injured raccoon, contact Toronto Animal Services (416-338-PAWS).
  • If you have an orphaned raccoon, contact a rehabilitation organization such as Procyon or Toronto Wildlife Centre.

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