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Squirrel Removal in Toronto, ON

Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife you would see in Toronto streets. Most squirrel removal calls that come in from the GTA are for: eastern gray squirrels, red squirrels, and chipmunks. Squirrels predominantly have gray colour fur with sometimes brownish and black mixes with large bushy tails. They weight about 600 grams and average 10 inches in body length. Squirrel teeth grows everyday and they control its growth by consistently chewing on tree barks in nature. When you have them in your attic, they chew electrical wiring, and wood beams. This makes squirrels one of the most destructive pests that can damage your home. Few common areas squirrels chew before getting inside your attic are roof vents, roof pipes, roof line, shingles, and sidings. Squirrels also cause problems by nesting in chimneys and blocking the air flow with their nesting material. It is essential to have the invading squirrels removed humanely and block their entry point with heavy gauge screening to stop any future re-entry. Brilliex Pest Control has been helping homeowners and businesses with their nuisance squirrel removal in Toronto and surrounding areas by providing superior service, backed by our total guarantee on work done.



Squirrel Removal

At Brilliex Pest Control, we have many years of experience in humane squirrel removal from attics, chimneys, soffits, and garages in Toronto GTA and surrounding areas. We understand their nesting habits and seasonal behaviours such as birth seasons. This knowledge helps us perform our service effectively and without causing any harm to the squirrels. With Brilliex Pest Control, every squirrel removal job in Toronto is guaranteed and we make sure to only perform humane methods accepted by Ministry of Natural Resources. We are happy to solve our client’s squirrel problems and at the same time giving squirrels a chance to survive the interaction by moving on to another, better living area. Our compassion towards our wildlife had made us one of the top choice squirrel removal companies in Toronto, Ontario. Check out our great reviews online.

Squirrel Control Methods

Our clients usually would hear scratching and running noises coming from their attic. Sometimes the hole on the roof is visible and our clients physically see the squirrels getting in. Once we receive a call, our technician will show up within 24 hours of your call for a complete inspection of your property. This will include exterior inspection and attic check up for signs of damage and animal activity. When we find the entry hole(s), squirrel removal will be done by using a one way door system. This device allows the squirrels to get out but not be able to get back in. This method has been developed and perfected over the years by professional wildlife control companies. After removing the squirrels, it is essential to protect other vulnerable areas on your roof such as roof vents, pipes and chimneys. This ensures a successful and permanent removal of the squirrels. Call our office for a professional consultation and we will come up with the best plan of action that best fits your budget.

Where Do Squirrels Nest?

Squirrels search for high, warm places to build their nests. When they can’t find a suitable tree, they will sometimes resort to building their nest in an attic. If squirrels decide to nest in your attic, they create an entry point by chewing a hole in the roof. Once inside the attic, they have access to all over the roof. They can use dry branches, insulation, leafs to build their nest in the soffits. Squirrels also would nest in chimneys, blocking and rendering it useless. Side vents are also a great nesting area for squirrels. The plastic flap is not match for squirrel teeth and they easily get access to inside the vent. To find out more, read our blog.

Squirrel Damage & Threats

Squirrels chew through wood, plastic and aluminum. This ability puts your roof vents, soffits, and other parts of your roof and attic at risk of damage. Once inside, squirrels chew wiring system, displace insulation, defecate and urinate in the attic. Mother squirrels are often protective of their babies. This defensive behaviour poses a risk to pets and small children. Squirrels also transmit diseases through their dropping and often carry parasites within their nesting material. If squirrels are not removed, these diseases pose a health risk to humans.

Baby Squirrel Removal

During baby season in Ontario, babies have to be removed physically. They will not be able to come out of the one way door before becoming mobile. Thus installing a one way door during baby season without removing the babies first is not recommended. Once the babies are removed, we will place them in an incubator close to the entry hole. Mother squirrel will reunite with the babies and relocate them to a secondary den one by one. This humane squirrel removal method is most preferred by professional wildlife control companies because it rids the client of their nuisance problem and gives the squirrel babies a chance to survive their eviction.

Injured or Orphaned Squirrel?

Got an injured or orphaned baby squirrel?

  • If you have found an injured squirrel, contact Toronto Animal Services (416-338-PAWS).
  • If you have an orphaned squirrel, contact a rehabilitation organization such as Procyon or Toronto Wildlife Centre.

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