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ABS Plastic body | Light weight | 10” x 8” x 1”

R108 – Raccoon removal one-way exit door is designed to allow raccoons exit with ease and prevents them from getting back in. Installation made simple with 6 holes for secure fastening. Easily place over the entry hole (recommended to be secured to a heavy gauge mesh) and let the door do its job. At sunset the raccoon(s) will start coming out and early in the morning when they are back, they realize they can’t get back in. This is a superior method over trapping. Do not use the one way door before checking for raccoon babies during raccoon baby season (Apr-Jul). If babies present remove them physically as they won’t be able to more or go through the door. R108 – Raccoon one-way exit door is for removal of mobile & adult raccoons.

Remove raccoons like the professionals! We ship R108 – Raccoon one-way exit door across Canada & United States. Shop with confidence! DIY Raccoon removal made easy.

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