Exhaust Vents on the side of the house are a common place for squirrels to get in. They can easily chew the plastic cover and nest inside. If you have noticed the vent flaps have been chewed, or removed, it’s a good chance that you have squirrels getting in. In most cases you can hear the squirrels coming in and going out of the vent from inside the house. Now you know squirrels are nesting in the exhaust vent. What do you do?

The best solution is to call a professional squirrel removal company. They will determine if there are any babies inside (Jun-Sep) and will come up with the best eviction solution, usually via a one-way door system. Average squirrel removal cost is around $250-$400.

If you rather spend your money another way and want to solve the problem yourself, buy the right material first. Squirrels can chew through plastic, wood, and aluminum. You would need  heavy gauge steel mesh to cover the vent after the squirrel is removed. You will also need a step ladder, flashlight, drill, drill bit, couple of screws and washers.

How do I get the squirrel out?

You would want to approach this situation in a smart way and have the squirrel do the work for you. Squirrels are active during the day, that means they go in and out often. Wait for the squirrel to leave and then get started. If the squirrel is inside and is not planning to leave. You can make some noise from your end. Create a stressful situation with lots of noise. Usually that’s enough for the squirrel to get the point.

After the squirrel has left, take a step ladder and look inside the vent with a flashlight. If there are any nesting material get a stick and try to pull as much as you can out. That is a fire hazard and you don’t want to leave it there. After the nest is removed and the vent cleaned, take your screening and make a small box (usually 7″x7″x3″). Place it on top of the vent and mark your drill holes. After drilling the holes, put the cap back on and fasten the mesh to the exterior brick wall. That will protect the vent from squirrels and birds.

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