The Client shall receive courteous, prompt service. Any personal and credit related information collected and used by Brilliex Pest Control Inc. is exclusively for internal use alone. All services to be performed are explained by the service representative in detail including pricing, conditions and any options. Brilliex Pest Control Inc. in certain circumstances shall endeavour to provide adequate minor repairs to exteriors of building structures, however under no circumstance shall be held liable for direct or indirect personal injuries or damages to the building or to the contents therein stemming from damages caused by animals or pests. The Client waives any claims of liability against Brilliex Pest Control Inc. concerning pesticide usage, which will be performed under the stipulations of the Ontario Pesticides Act and that all services shall be performed in accordance with the directions and recommendations listed on each individual label of the pesticides/insecticides utilized. The client shall follow all of the safety recommendations given by Brilliex Pest Control Inc.

Service Conditions & Clients’ Responsibility:
• Client will be made aware and shown the locations where a pesticide has been applied and/or baits have been placed and will be informed of the names of control chemicals used and relevant safety precautions.
• For situations where pesticides treatments are used, Client shall vacate the premises and is responsible to ensure that no persons or pets, that resides in or visits the structure or foodstuffs
contained therein shall come into contact with pesticides or other chemical products used for pest control. Only PCP licensed products are used. Client is also responsible for transferring this knowledge to other residents/visitors at the earliest possible time. Client is required to ensure no access to the pesticide treated areas by any persons or pets to treated areas of a structure for a period not less than 4 hours after application has been completed by a pest control specialist. The Client will be advised by our specialist regarding safely precautions and necessary steps as recommended by the manufacturer or by law. Infants, pregnant women, people with respiratory difficulties, heart ailments or severe allergies should refrain from re-entering the treated premises for at least 24 hours. It is recommended to open windows or otherwise ventilate the premises for a 30 minute period prior to re-entry of treated areas.
• All traps, bait stations, and any other removable devices are the property of Brilliex Pest Control Inc. These items should only be handled by a pest control specialist and are not sold nor leased to a client. Some exceptions might apply.
• In circumstances where rodent bait stations are placed around or in the building or structure, the client is required to call Brilliex Pest Control Inc. when these stations are to be removed; for example when control of the pest has been achieved or if Client is moving to a new location. A visit and disposal fee shall apply in some instances. All rodenticide bait stations are deemed to have been placed in areas inaccessible to children/pets and to the public. Any areas where bait stations are required to be placed in an exposed location such as a garage or under a kitchen sink, only locked government approved, tamper resistant stations will be used. The client is made aware of all necessary precautions and shall accept that he/she knows the locations and is satisfied that all bait stations have been placed in only safe, regulated areas.
• In the event of any health emergency due to contact with pesticides or control chemicals please call EMS paramedics at 911 or the nearest Poison Control Centre for immediate assistance.
• Without the co-operation of people residing in or visiting the structure, a 100% control for any given pest population may not be fully realized. The Client will have to do their part to help control the pest population, by following the tips and recommendations provided by our Pest Control specialist.
• In Wildlife Control situations, after animal removal has been completed, the client will be advised regarding any entry point(s) into the building(s) which were created by the animal(s). If on a safe, accessible and secure surface, Brilliex Pest Control Inc. shall install a metal mesh to help prevent future intrusions. Clients are advised not to engage in the trapping of animals or tampering with equipment or approaching a trapped wild animal.

Service Recalls and Scheduling:
• A service recall occurs when Brilliex Pest Control Inc. confirms an appointment to re-asses and/or reapply control measures for the original pest problem as indicated in the service work order contract.
• A recall may be requested after 30 calendar days have passed to the application of pest control measures. This is a typical period of time required to observe results of pest control measures.
• A recall appointment will be given within one work week and be performed during normal weekday business hours.
• If an appointment cannot be kept by the client without reasonable prior notice, a missed appointment fee may be charged to that client.

Fees, Charges & Payment:
• Generally, the client will be quoted by telephone or in person. All quotes that are given are flat-rate in Canadian dollars plus applicable taxes. In certain circumstances, a mandatory onsite inspection is done to determine what services are required to best perform the necessary work. Under most conditions when the problem is evident or can be determined quickly, the estimate is free of charge. If extensive investigation is required there may be a fee charged for an estimate.
• Brilliex Pest Control Inc. may offer discounts or other time limited special offers and Client may qualify for one or more discount offers. Client may use only one and only one discount offer at any one time. Combining multiple discount offers is not permitted. Discounts or Special Offers are invalid if the expiration date has been exceeded.
• Payments may be made in cash, Interact, credit card, or bank e-transfer. Cheques are not accepted. If an exception is made and a cheque is returned by client’s bank due to insufficient funds or due to a technicality beyond control of Brilliex Pest Control Inc., there will be an additional fee of $30, payable in cash.

Limited Guarantee:
The pest control guarantee is specified on the clients work order and varies according to type(s) of pest(s) and location(s) conditions. Typically pest control guarantee is for 90 days. Some pest services are not guaranteed.
Wildlife removal services are guaranteed for two (2) years unless explained otherwise. Guarantee is only on the area screened. Live-Trapping is not guaranteed.

A guarantee is not transferable and is valid only for the client whose name appears on the work order and only for the location(s) specified. In any case where Brilliex Pest Control Inc. performs a reapplication of controls, the original Guarantee Period and Expiry Date will remain in effect (i.e. Re Application of Control Measures WILL NOT constitute a New Guarantee Period).

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