Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal

Do you have a wildlife problem? Are you in need of wildlife removal services? Do you live in Toronto? We at 360 Wildlife provide comprehensive wildlife removal services in Toronto. Whether you need raccoon removal or squirrel removal services, we are your best bet. We offer our clients comprehensive wildlife removal in Toronto.This includes wildlife removal and infestation prevention.

Humane Wildlife Removal Services

360 Wildlife offers complete animal control solutions. This means that we use service professionals to get rid of any wildlife in your home or property. It doesn’t matter if the animals are raccoons, bats or squirrels. We will get the job done.
Our professionals are experts in executing humane wildlife removal exercises. Our professionals arrive as quickly as possible at your home to evaluate the situation and determine the most humane way to get rid of the animals that are a nuisance to you.
We are not only focused on getting rid of the wildlife but also ensuring that we assist you in preventing a re-infestation by the same pests. We therefore in addition to providing services for getting rid of wildlife we also clean, sanitize and reconstruct parts of buildings through which pests can find their way back in.

Squirrel removal services in Toronto

Although these furry creatures can be cute, they can become a nuisance when they are scurrying about in your home or property making a mess of your home. They can also carry pests such as fleas that can result in diseases within the home.
Squirrel removal is one of our specialty services. We offer professional humane squirrel removal services in Toronto.
Squirrels usually make their way into the home through the attic, chimney or roof vents. Squirrels in the attic can chew on electrical wires thus resulting in short circuits and fires in worst cases. They can also defecate and urinate all over your insulation destroying it. If these creatures are not removed, you may have to have your insulation replaced.
Our professionals will provide you with humane squirrel removal services and ensure that all entry ways to your home that squirrels may use are blocked off therefore preventing them from entering your home once again.


Raccoon removal services in Toronto

Raccoons are a familiar sight. These are the most common wildlife pests we are called to remove from properties. Although raccoons can be helpful in that they eat rodents and many insects, they also eat vegetables and other foods that we store in our homes or grow in our gardens. Raccoons, like squirrels, usually enter homes through roof vents, chimneys and soffits. They usually set up camp in the attic where they chew on electric wires causing short circuits. They also defecate in the home. Their feces carry roundworms which are very harmful to humans.
Our professional raccoon removal services in Toronto consist not only of raccoon removal but also of sealing all entry points that raccoons can use to enter your home. We therefore help to prevent any other raccoons from entering your home.
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