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Wildlife Removal in Etobicoke, ON

Etobicoke was first settled by Europeans in the 18th century and eventually got the status of a city in the 20th century. Several independent villages and towns developed within the area of Etobicoke, only to be absorbed later into Etobicoke during the era of Metro Toronto. Etobicoke was dissolved in 1998, when it was amalgamated with other Metro Toronto municipalities into the City of Toronto. Etobicoke is a multicultural city with its population reaching approximately 350,000. Battling skunks, bats, mice and rats is a common thing for Etobicoke residence. But raccoons take the cake as there are more raccoon removal calls in Etobicoke than all the rest combined. Imagine your newly restored townhouse in Etobicoke, ON has some unwelcome visitors: squirrels. These furry pests have burrowed into your walls. As you hear them scurry, you can’t help but wonder if they are ripping apart your insulation. While you might not want to harm these creatures, raccoons and squirrels may harm you and your home if you let them linger. Raccoons tunnel under your porch, tear apart pipe insulation, and chew electrical wires. Their droppings contain contaminants, which can be harmful to humans. Squirrels similarly can spread disease. At 360 Wildlife Control, our comprehensive wildlife removal services include a thorough inspection, humane animal relocation, and preventative barricades that keep animals out of your home.

Raccoon removal in etobicoke, on

Etobicoke has its fare share of raccoons. Most complaint comes from residence having no power to stop a destructive raccoon, damaging garbage bins, roofs and chimneys. Raccoons look for warm, dark and dry places to nest and have their young (Mar-Jul). Your attic, chimney, deck and shed are ideal locations for raccoons. They tend to damage roof vents, roof pipes, chimney caps, soffits, roof lines to get in the attic. Once inside they chew wiring, displace insulation, defecate and urinate. At 360 Wildlife Control, we offer full-service wildlife removal of squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, bats, birds, mice, rats and skunks. When we remove these animals from your home, we take extra care not to harm them. We will also seal and repair any damage they caused. We start with a full inspection of your attic and roof. Once we locate the entry hole, we will evict the raccoons using a R108 raccoon one way door. This device would allow the raccoons to get out and not be able to return. We then secure and protect the hole with heavy gauge screening to prevent future re-entry. During baby season, babies need to be removed physically and placed in a baby box outside by the hole. This way the mother raccoon can reunite with her youngs and relocate them to a secondary already established den. For proven and guaranteed raccoon removal in Etobicke, ON call our experts today 1-866-650-1811.

squirrel removal in etobicoke, ON

Squirrels are cute but just not in your roof! Squirrel removal in Etobicoke starts with a full inspection of your property. We need to find the entry point and figure out if the squirrel has any babies (baby season May-Aug). Once we have inspected everywhere, a S33 squirrel one way door will be installed over the hole. This device will allow the squirrel(s) to easily get out and not be able to get back in. Once evicted, we will protect the area with heavy gauge screening permanently. If there are babies present, they need to be removed physically and placed in an incubator (baby box) outside by the hole. This allows the mother squirrel to relocate the babies to a secondary already established den. For effective squirrel removal in Etobicoke call us 1-866-650-1811.

Other Pest & wildlife control services

360 Wildlife Control is full service pest & wildlife control company operating in the Greater Toronto Area including Etobicoke, ON. We are experts in removing nuisance wild animals from residential and commercial properties. Our services include removal of skunks, groundhogs, opossums, bats, birds, mice, rats, wasps, and hornets. We use humane methods to remove unwanted critters and guarantee all our work. We specialize in the following services:

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